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Web3 Community Portal and member directory

Web3 community portal that simplifies engagement

Discord is great for community forums and Twitter is great for broadcast messaging. When it comes to lasting content, and deeper community engagement, you need something more. That's why we built the community portal

Blockchain Based Member Profiles
Always current. Easier to connect
Token Gated Forms and Content
Know exactly who's asking for help
Community News and Events
Share important updates in a way that's easy for members

Design token gated forms that get results

4M is the fastest way to leverage NFTs and your Web3 community. It's the Web3 enabled front end for all the backend services you know and love. Build a token gated form in minutes. Share the link or embed the form in your site. Surveys, Support forms, and Twitter giveaways are Other features include Twitter account validation and location gating.

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Better wallet management

Our flexible wallet management tools let users add wallets however they feel comfortable. It's not limited to a single wallet so users don't have to jump through hoops to engage.

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Web3 API for Front end Developers

Launch UIs faster and focus on measurable results

Our APIs, forms, and components simplify development by handling the tedious backend work. Focus on getting results instead of nodes and architecture.

Wallet Ownership Verification
Confirm that someone owns an ETH wallet without requiring a connection or tedious 3rd party changes.
Token Ownership Verification
Focus on building token gated solutions instead of underlying infrastructure. Confirm NFT ownership one time or get ongoing updates using webhooks.
NFT Image API and Merge APIs
Get the image file based on the contract and NFT ID. Or send two images and get a merged files in return.

Interested in leveraging NFTs in your community but unsure where to start? We can help find a strategy that works for you.

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