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We’re building a platform for NFT collectors and creators. Buy the M-Token and enjoy all the benefits of membership.

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The Smeisty App

The Smeisty App makes life easier for collectors and creators. We streamline ownership and clear the hurdles to engage with your community. Consider us your NFT concierge. We’ll fetch floor prices, notify you about wallet activity, and consolidate events across your entire collection into an agenda you can use.

If you’re a creator or community leader, we have something special for you. Stop using 3+ services just to run a simple promotion. Be sure important messages don’t get lost in the shuffle. GreenList users in one step without the struggle and security risks.

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Street Art/Mural Tours

NFT communities have been supporting Street artists since the very first Ape meet up in Venice Beach California.

Artists benefit from building positive relationships within the crypto space prior to releasing projects; finding more collective success. Aspects coming from blockchain art it has created abundant opportunities Street, Studio Gallery and Meta Artists alike.

By touring Street art and crypto markets we can continue to blend cultures to build awareness, empower artists and support local art progams in all communities .

We're traveling the globe connecting meta art with communities through street art while supporting local communities.

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