Drive value from Web3 engagement without getting lost in the technology. Our platform supports you at every stage of your NFT journey–from strategy and launch to sustained management of your brand.

Tools for brands

Smeisty provides the infrastructure and guidance companies need to leverage NFT technology. NFT owners get a simple onboarding experience that lets them focus on the brand value instead of the technology. We don’t just mint NFTs. We enable companies and communities to thrive.

Through our platform, companies can:

  • Create and manage NFTs
  • Connect with existing business infrastructure
  • Engage with their community and track results
  • Manage smart Contract management
  • Reporting & Compliance

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Simplified Ownership

The Smeisty App makes life easier for collectors and creators. We streamline ownership and clear the hurdles to engage with your community. Consider us your NFT concierge. We’ll fetch floor prices, notify you about wallet activity, and consolidate events across your entire collection into an agenda you can use.

If you’re a creator or community leader, we have something special for you. Stop using 3+ services just to run a simple promotion. Be sure important messages don’t get lost in the shuffle. GreenList users in one step without the struggle and security risks.

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