The Smeisty M-Token

Minting soon

Join the Smeisty M-Lab. It’s like a DAO run by professionals. We’re incubating projects that return value to members. The M-Token is software, mintpass, and community rolled into one. M-token holders will have priority access to everything we do.

  • Degen Residency Projects return value for members in art, defi, and web3.
  • Member Tools for super users who want to fill their bags and take web3 to the next level.
  • M-Vault to fuel the moonshots
  • Enterprise Program to help corporate partners join the metaverse.
Smeisty token


  • Residency Projects

    The Residency Program is an incubator for web3 projects. It supports artists, devs, and entrepreneurs with a vision and clear benefits for the community.

    The M-Lab team will help residents with resources, advice, and network. We have a wealth of experience building products and companies. We’re ready to pay it forward to the residents and to Smeisty m-token holders.

    Lab members will benefit from every project and they also get to vote on program finalists. Benefits may vary depending on the project but example benefits include: free mint, drops, tokenomics, licensing opportunity, and degen tools. We will also expect projects to add assets to the vault.

    Smeisty will host at least 4 residencies in 2022 and at least 6 from the initial token launch. Applications open in January 2022.

  • Investor Tools

    The line between investor and creator is blurry in Web3. Some of us are both. Smeisty Lab is developing tools for web3 superusers. Members can propose and vote on new tools exclusive to the community. Lab members will get exclusive access and the opportunity to propose projects and tools that go together. Next up is Trait pricing (including alerts), community analytics, and a community floor bot.

  • M-Lab Vault

    The M-Lab vault will be funded through a portion of M-Token sales, 70% of resale fees, and Residency projects.

  • Enterprise Partner Program

    The Enterprise Partner program is the perfect entry point for companies wanting to get involved in Web3. Smeisty Labs will help companies understand the space and find the natural connection for your brand.

The deets

Hosted on IPFS. Stored as ERC-721 token. 5600 tokens at .07ETH each.

Max 6 per transaction

Held tokens (220): 120 for the team pool: 50 shared at launch. 70 distributed on monthly vesting schedule. 60 for the vault. 40 for promotions.


We aim to deliver a lot of value. This roadmap is intended to give you a taste of what's to come. We're building something special here and we're excited to have the support of our members.

  • 1: Token Launch
  • 2: Platform Launch
  • 3: ATX Murals completed
  • 4: Creator Applications Open
  • 5: Tokens sell out
  • 6: First Residencies selected
  • 7: Mural Roadmap announced
  • 8: Party
  • 9: Roadmap 1.2




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